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ABOUT XHolding

The company X Holding provides each investor working in finance and crypto currency field with the opportunity to get stable profit due to passing investments through stocks. Our experts monitor online each stock exchange daily and due to favorable exchange rate we maximize our investors’ profit.

We earn money with price drop and rise for crypto currency. However, this kind of activity is very risky. Most investors don’t have enough information and knowledge, so they often lose their capital when trading crypto currency on stocks.

We are the one of few companies which provides an opportunity to earn money on the crypto currency market. Collaboration with us is the guarantee of your stability!

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Our XHolding Mission

Making money from online loans it is our speciality and we have a professional team. We do everything just to give high profit to you.

Our company has developed unique user interface. We use secured goldcoder's licensed script.

We use one of the most experienced, professional and trusted DDoS protection, with different level of security.

Our fast and secure payments make us one of the most favorite companies borrowers and investors.

Our investment plans for partners


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Register an account to start making money with X Holding, send a deposit and get daily accruals. Just fill out the short registration form. We do not ask you to send documents or share your real name. Our cooperation is fully anonymous. If you need to register another account, feel free to do so but please don't use your affiliate link when registering.

Make deposit

To make a deposit you have to log into your personal account. Do this after registration and use make deposit function in your account, if you wnat to deposit via Bitcoin, you should to generate Bitcoin address where you will need to send a payment from your personal BTC wallet.

Get profit

Receive daily profit, every 24 hours from the moment when deposit added. If you have two and more deposits (actually you can have a lot of them at the same time) just remember that each one has own term of accrual.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Terms & Conditions.

How to become the project participant?
For participation in the project it is necessary to be registered. For this purpose you shall fill in the registration form. It is necessary to type user name, password, e-mail. Having been registered you will be able to login to your personal account, fill up your account balance, and a make the deposit. Also don't forget to type its payment details in appropriate section of personal area.
May I open several accounts in the project?
No, multiregistration is forbidden. In case of detection of such accounts - all this accounts will be blocked, and funds on these accounts will frozen.
What is partner program of the project?
Referral program is up to 10% from a referral income. Our team against the strategy of "Hit&Run" therefore we want of smooth increase in financial fund of the project, and that led to this partner program.
May I change the password, e-wallet and e-mail?
Change of the password can be made in the account. E-mail ande-wallet number can be change only through the Administrator for the safety purpose. For this purpose contact the Administrator on any specified contacts.
How to make the deposit?
You can make the deposit of the account of the project, having been registered. After that it is possible to choose a tariff plan and to make the deposit. Also you can make the deposit from balance, having used referral reward.
How long does enrollment of deposits?
All deposits are enrolled and become active instantly. Deposits from Bitcoin can enrollment up to 48 hours.
What is the minimum amount to withdraw?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 3€.
When I can check my account?
Information about your personal account is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How many deposits I can make in the project?
You can open an unlimited number of deposits.
May I recover the forgotten password?
Yes, for password recovery follow the "password recovery" link. After you will specify the data typed at registration, the recovery link will got by you to e-mail.
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